What would you save?

welcome to IdyllwildI am watching the news as Idyllwild, California is in danger due to a forest fire. I was Vice President at Idyllwild Arts for five years and it has a special place in my heart.

All my friends and their homes are safe – for which I am grateful. Now I hold my breath that its beautiful campus doesn’t burn down. I love those buildings – I raised money to build some of those buildings. I know they are only things, only possessions, but I worry for them.

All of this got me thinking – what would I grab if I had to evacuate quickly? When I lived in Idyllwild, we were always ready to evacuate because of fire or earthquakes. I kept my photos in bins under the stairs, ready to throw in the car. I also needed any work files, computer, or papers. I also needed to take my jewelry, clothes, and shoes.They were my biggest investment during my working years. I planned to pile as many as I could in the car before I took off.

Now? What would I throw in the car? Most of the photos are digitized. All of my clothes are dance pants and tops suitable for tapping. I no longer have Hugo Boss suits or expensive shoes. Well, actually, I kept the shoes – I like to look at them arrayed on the shelves. Everything else can be easily replaced by going back in my order history on Amazon – press of a button.

Ok, think Jolynn. You’ve got 20 minutes. What would you save? Cathy and Lucy. Then I’d drive over to make sure Connor and Melissa and dogs are safe.

I like this. It’s freeing. Nothing is all that important to me anymore. Except maybe my iphone. And my computer. And my xbox. Tap shoes. Well, other than those.

What would you save in your allotted 20 minutes?

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